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Hier finden Sie weitere Angebote des AGFW e. V.

Virtual power plant tour - Berlin, Germany, Vattenfall - Reuter West & Webinar on „Efficient and Renewable Heat Networks“

16.06.2021, 10:00 Uhr - 16.06.2021, 13:15 Uhr
Located in the northwest part of the Germany’s capital city Berlin, Vattenfall operates the combined heat and power plant Reuter West commissioning in 1987 and 1989 the two identical heat and power plant units generate electricity (installed capacity of 564 MWel) and heat (in-stalled capacity of 878 MWth) simultaneously according to the principle of cogeneration. De-spite the age of the CHP of 30-years, the fuel utilization efficiency amounts to 80 percent due to ongoing efficiency and optimisation measures. Equipped with efficient flue gas cleaning sys-tems the generation units still represent a highly efficient hard coal plant. To reach the climate goals and supporting the heat transition Germany decided to have a coal phase out during the next years. As a result, the heat and power generation needs to find some alternatives and Vattenfall Berlin has already been driving this process for several years. In September 2019 for example, Vattenfall connected Europe's largest power-to-heat plant (120 MWth) to the district heating network at the Reuter West power plant area in Berlin. As the general optimisation and upgrade process and the transformation to higher shares of re-newable energies are also targets of European (H2020) research activities the virtual study tour is embedded in an online webinar from Upgrade DH and RES-DHC. Sign up to participate at the high-level webinar with examples and ideas from all over Europe and join the virtual study tour. In addition to visiting some areas that are not accessible other-wise and insights of ongoing innovative activities for the real heat transition, you will afterwards have the opportunity to find your own way through a virtual model of Reuter West.

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Agenda Draft

10:00 h    Welcome

10:10 h    General introduction to the project Upgrade DH
                 Dominik Rutz, Project Coordinator, WIP Renewable Energies

10:25 h    Upgrade DH Best practice Examples 
Lithuanian DH sector transition to biomass - LDHA

10:45 h    Upgrade DH Demo Case - Tuzla
                 Overview on the demo case and focus on the integration of a solar thermal plant – Tandem presentation Anes Kazagic, EPBiH, 
                 Michael Kübler, Steinbeis Research Institute Solites

11:20 h     Coffee Brake

11:30 h    Upgrade DH recommendations to support national District Heating & Cooling Action Plans
Aksana Krasatsenka, Euroheat & Power

11:45 h    RES-DHC – Increasing the RES share in Urban DH Systems
                 Improved local processes and framework conditions for facilitating the transformation
                 Patrick Geiger, Steinbeis Research Institute Solites

12:00 h    EU-level Survey on Renewable Energy Sources in District Heating and Cooling
Jack Corscadden, Euroheat & Power

12:15h     Virtual Study Tour Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG/ AGFW e. V.
                Christian Schulze, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG

13:00 h    Farewell and giving introduction to explore the virtual power plant model

13:15h     End of the event & time to explore the virtual power plant